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Read the article on Bluestone Farms from the December 2015 issue of TROT.


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About Bluestone Farms. L.L.C.


Bluestone Farms opened March 1997. Bluestone Farms is a Limited Liability Corporation whose members are Eric Freeman, Frank Russo, and Mitchel Skolnick. Presently, Bluestone Farms L.L.C comprises 296 acres 5.5 miles from Princeton’s main commerce center.


The farm is presently concentrating its efforts in the following areas:


- Breeding, Selling, and Marketing Standardbred race horses

- Standing Stallions

- Racing Standardbred Horses



Breeding, Selling, and Marketing Standardbred race horses


Bluestone Farms’ mission is to develop a well recognized and respected broodmare band that will produce high quality, and ultimately successful, yearlings for the Standardbred racing industry. We expect that prospective Standardbred Yearling purchasers will find a high level of comfort with the philosophy employed by Bluestone (from our choice in mares and the stallions they are bred to, through the raising and preparation of their progeny for sale).


Those interested in purchasing a Standardbred yearling or viewing our stock (yearlings and weanlings) are welcome to call the farm for an appointment. For additional information or answers to questions about the farm and its business please contact us.

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